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The EU-US Privacy Shield

The EU-US Privacy Shield allows companies based in the United States and subsidaries of European companies to apply the data protection benefits of the European GDPR to data collected, processed or stored in the United States.

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10101-Century LP provides first-class Managed and Co-managed IT Services, Cloud Solutions and IT Consulting. Our experienced team of professionals can help you select the right strategies and optimize your environment, empowering your staff to reach new levels of success.

The EU-US Privacy Shield Certification

The aim is also to provide protection for data from EU citizens that are processed, collected and stored in the US under the same legal protection mechanisms that are currently only guaranteed by the GDPR in the EU. This voluntary commitment of a company to this more restrictive directive gives you the opportunity to equip your company with a unique selling point that creates trust. By means of self-certification, US companies confirm compliance with the high data protection standards laid down in the regulation. This will result in inclusion in the privacy shield list. Every year this registration has to be extended. The US Department of Commerce will actively review and monitor whether your company has easily accessible privacy policies that are consistent with the applicable Privacy Shield principles. Through our experience with the implementation of the requirements of the GDPR, we are able to implement this for your company. We accompany you step by step from the initial discussion to continuous cooperation.



It is not uncommon that safety gaps in company-networks lead to fatal malicious attacks. In order to avoid consequential financial damages and the customers loss in confidence in your company, we recommend you to review your current IT Landscape. Our qualified and proficient team consists of administrators, programmers, consultants and data security experts. We perform Penetration Tests to find and analyze potential weak points in your network. In consideration of the recommendations of the Computer Security Division (CSD) of Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) of NIST (United States), we are able to establish the most suitable IT Infrastructure for your business

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Are you planning to acquire a new server? We‘ll happily take care of the acquisition, installation and configuration as well as integrating everything into your existing IT-infrastructure or even design a completely new one for your personal needs.


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