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What We Do

Business Solutions


Process Optimisation

Every enterprise has processes and procedures that can be supported or improved by suitable software. Backed by our extensive experience, we discover such opportunities for improvement and develop suitable software solutions with you. We implement per-existing software suites into your infrastructure or develop custom solutions. This includes systems used in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

We try to use open source software where applicable to keep licensing costs from impacting your future investment options. Our experience helps us determine the optimal software choices for your company. As efficiency gains and cost reductions are integral parts of corporate planning. Brambosch IT consultants specialize in professional analysis, presentation (BPMN) and modeling of modern business processes. This serves the alignment with corporate strategy, organizational design of processes as well as their technical implementation with suitable communication and information systems.

Authorisation Concepts

Corporate data must be protected against unauthorized access. However, many organizations complain about murky permissions with numerous exceptions. Quite a few companies have even completely lost track of who has access to what. Although, a homogeneous network infrastructure would be the ideal base for the conception of a well-functioning secure authorization concept, this is not always the case. With our expertise, we endeavor to utilize existing infrastructure where possible to keep your costs low.

Together with you, we develop custom access control structures, which protect your sensitive data, take into account interfaces between your devices and prevent unauthorized access.

Our authorization concepts are audit-proof.

System & Network Setup

Server Configuration

Sufficient storage capacity and central access to data are a basic requirement for any company. Brambosch IT Consulting offers various server solutions to make everyday work in the digital world as comfortable as possible. Our service covers individual consultation, project planning, execution and maintenance.

Ethernet & WiFi

The modern home is housing more and more multimedia devices, making a private network inside your home a necessity. Smart TVs, smartphones and music systems can also be easily integrated into your home network thanks to the modern streaming technology.

We design and deploy networks according to your ideas and ensure perfect communication of all individual components, be it multiple computers, printers or servers.  Our IT experts test, secure and troubleshoot already existing networks and network components. 

Internet & Phone

There are many network types that enable voice and video communication. The traditional connection type is the digital “integrated voice and data network” (ISDN). The modern method is Voice over IP (VoIP). Are you having problems with any of these network structures or do you plan to change your connection type? Brambosch IT Consulting will gladly assist you. Our services range from maintenance of your existing phone system to the conversion to another connection type. Whether private or in the corporate environment, we offer turnkey solutions for your needs. Our trained staff will promptly and comprehensively solve your problems.

Intranet & WAN

A Wide Area Network can span cities, countries and continents. It is similar to your network at home, but it’s for businesses. Large organizations that have offices in different locations need a network that connects all company resources. Our IT experts support you in the planning, installation and maintenance of a multi-site network.

New Hardware

Requirement Analysis

Together with you, we explore the requirements your PC has to meet. Your new PC will be tailored exactly to your needs. In this way we observe the optimal cost-benefit ratio and avoid unnecessary software components that bog down conventional package deals. We configure the optimal system for you, whether a performance-heavy gaming PC, a workhorse office terminal or a mobile device.



Did you invest a lot of money into your PC just a couple years ago? At that time, your device was the latest on the market? Now, however, you realize that its performance can no longer keep up with newer devices. We offer partial upgrades and replacement of existing components to meet new performance standards. This is a lot more cost effective than buying new.

System Setup & Configuration

Not only do we build your new system but we also integrate it into your existing home or corporate network environment. We setup your network connections, install scanners, printers, and other multimedia devices. al.

PC Repair

Thanks to our many years of experience with PC hardware and software, we have the expertise to make quick and competent repairs.


Hard- & Software Problems

We handle hardware as well as software problems. If you are having trouble installing software, we are happy to help. Hardware defects often happen without notice. With our extensive spare parts inventory, we are usually able to carry out the hardware repairs within the same day.


Error messages often confuse and frighten users who lack the expertise to properly interpret them. While most are harmless, they can indicate fatal system errors and failing hardware. With our modern system analysis tools we can pinpoint the origin of these errors and apply the necessary fixes.

Component Replacement

Is your PC starting to feel slower and slower as time goes by? It might just need a small upgrade. We will check your system for incompatibilities and bottlenecks. Often the reason for the slowdown is that you are approaching the limits of the main memory components. Replacing these with more powerful, more up-to-date alternatives will often make your PC feel like a completely new device. You’ll find that loading and response times can improve dramatically with just a small change.

Reinstalling the Operating System

Nothing feels more refreshing than to work with a fully functional operating system with lightning-fast application response times. One reason for the gradual slowdown of many PCs are unwanted software components and services that stay behind even after their main software was removed. This is especially a problem with devices that go through Operation System upgrades. After a while, this may necessitate a complete re-installation.

IT Security



Each network you operate, whether private or corporate, is a potential target for malicious attacks by third parties. There are several ways to protect your network from unauthorized access and with that to abide by Germany’s data protection laws. Unwanted access to your network can endanger your databases and cause enormous damage to your digital infrastructure. Encryption of all network traffic can prevent your passwords and data getting picked up and misused by unauthorized third parties. We can inform you about the possibilities of individual network encryption! Call us or make an appointment.

External Backup Solutions

The more documents become digital, the greater the risk of data loss without a comprehensive external backup solution. Many people only keep a single instance of their most important files on their computer without a backup. The risk of data loss in case of a system failure is extremely high. A virus, a wrong command or often even just moisture can damage files. Data recovery software does not always help.

This is where off-site backup solutions shine, as they save both time and storage space. Businesses and individuals who regularly back up their files to magnet tapes or DVD-Rs know how cumbersome and time-consuming it can be. This is no longer a problem thanks to our off-site backup service. On scheduled times the data gets quickly and easily transmitted via an encrypted connection to a high-security storage computer. Local network-attached storage servers are also an option. Such systems can also be used to create expansive home entertainment systems and to stream digital audio and video content from a central server to Smart TVs throughout the entire house.

Virus Protection

The Internet, now an integral part of modern life, offers you the greatest possible freedom of information. Access to many programs, applications and other media is available at the click of a button. However, just as easily, malicious software can find its way onto your computer. It may steal your sensitive data and passwords, encrypt your files to hold them ransom or even damage your computer. With antivirus software, you can protect yourself and your identity. We analyze your requirements and pick the optimal antivirus solution for your needs. In conjunction with our network solutions, we offer the greatest possible protection against attacks by hackers, PC worms, Trojans and keyloggers.

If your computer happens to be already infected, our experts will in most cases remove the malware without losing your data. Call us to arrange a consultation.

Smartphone Support

Do you own a smartphone, but do not know how to use all of its features? Especially at work, a smartphone can make your everyday life easier. Take advantage of all the functions of your little helper. We’ll show you what options may be personally useful to you. Never miss an appointment and save time at work. Do not hesitate to seek our advice before buying a smartphone. We will weigh up the available options and help you pick the optimal smartphone for your needs.

Setup & Installation

Many do not know which programs can be useful. It is easy to lose track in the app store. We will find and explain the best and most useful applications for you. Upon request, we can configure your new device and transfer you data from your old one.

E-Mail Configuration

Most smartphones have an e-mail client. We will show you how to setup on your mobile internet access, import your email accounts and how to use them with your phone.


Error messages frequently confuse and frighten users. Often these messages indicate serious system errors. But even in such cases, we can usually locate and correct system errors by using our modern diagnostics tools.

Wi-Fi Setup

You want to have the fastest network connection with your smartphone at all times? Integrate your mobile phone into your Wi-Fi network and use high-speed internet through hot-spots. You are unfamiliar with this technology? Come along and we will show you on the optimal use of these networks.